Moon Books Giveaway: The Craft of the Wise

by Vikki Bramshaw

Bringing together both practical experience and innovative research, ‘Craft of the Wise’ communicates a balance of accepted Craft methods together with a wealth of information relating to the origins, beliefs and tools of this ancient Craft. Giving a new perspective on this ancient religion, High Priestess Vikki Bramshaw brings together factual evidence from the past and references it to modern practices, dispelling common misconceptions and allowing the reader to grow in both wisdom and spirituality. Discover the early origins of the Craft, the nature of the elements, the true meanings of the magical tools and how to use talismanic symbols. Learn about the mechanics behind magic, cosmology, creation and manifestation, and the science of the Craft. Study and practice various forms of circle casting and ritual, the origins and meanings of chants, rare seasonal rites, and the ancient Gods. Discover the true meanings behind our traditions and folklore, and begin to practice them yourself. This book will appeal to both the beginner and the existing practitioner alike.

This book is both powerful and quite fascinating; each coven and tradition has its own methods of working the sacred magic’s, and ‘Craft of the Wise’ rather proves this. Maxine Sanders, Author of Fire Child, Maxine: Witch Queen and other titles

There are very few good primers on Wicca out there. We are pleased to say this one of the best ones we have read. It contains everything someone new to the Craft needs to start them on their path. Janet Farrar & Gavin Bone, Authors of A Witches Bible’, ‘Witches Goddess’ and Progressive Witchcraft

This book is superb…It is an ideal textbook for the serious student, and a must for any Pagans book shelf. Maureen Wheeler, High Priestess & Craft Elder

The winner of this drawing will receive one (1) copy of “Craft of the Wise” by Vikki Bramshaw.

The drawing for this giveaway will occur on Friday, December 2nd around noon CST. Entries (comments on this blog post) must be dated before then to be counted.

Go to THE PAGAN WRITERS COMMUNITY WEBSITE for details on how to enter.

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