River Cottage – Missed Again

The last time I was in Axminster two years ago, myself and my companions called in at the River Cottage Canteen for lunch, but it was full, and we were told to book in advance if we wanted to eat there.  We were not going by that way again, so we missed our chance unfortunately.

This year, I booked to do a course at River Cottage with the extra little bonus we received at work.   I thought in addition to learning something new, I might treat myself to dinner at the River Cottage Canteen as well, since I missed out last time.    I had planned to book for dinner on one of the two nights I need to stay in Axminster to attend the course.   Alas: The River Cottage Canteen is shut on Sunday and Monday nights, so, once again I am unable to sample the fayre.   

As it happens, I don’t think I will be eating at all the Sunday before the course, because I have to leave home before breakfast in order to arrive at the B&B on time.   I am told I have to arrive promptly as the owners are away and someone else is standing in for them.    The hours I keep means I will struggle to sleep before, and wake in time for the course as it is.  

It appears nothing is open in Axminster on Sundays, food wise, so my only sustenance before the course will be breakfast.  Then, there is after the course, because it appears not much is open on a Monday in Axminster either.

How odd to be attending a food-related course, but ending up hungry because no food is available to consume!

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