Killer on the Loose

Last week I spotted something new in the sky – a bird of prey.  I just happened to be looking up in the sky and noticed the distinct profile, and then the colour; it wasn’t black, more brown, so I presumed it wasn’t a crow or raven.    I was quite chuffed at having recognised the profile and a little excited that we had a new addition to our local wildlife species.   Today, my landlady informed me a buzzard had recently moved into the area.  I told her of my sighting and where, and she thought I had probably seen the buzzard.    I was fortunate, as I only caught a glimpse because I happened to be looking up at the sky in search of geese, which have been flying overhead for weeks now; the migrating flocks causing my eyes to naturally scan the skies.   I shall continue to keep an overhead watch because I want to capture a photograph of the buzzard/bird-of-prey to obtain an accurate identification.   I should also like to take a picture of the geese, which shall be slightly more difficult given they only seem to fly just as I am going to bed, or leaving for work. 

Autumn appears to have arrived in my area for the wild-life, yet the weather is expected to do an about-turn with the arrival of high temperatures later in the week; an Indian summer as it were.   Our blackberries are already over, with the yew and holly producing berries early and in abundance; mushrooms have been around for weeks now; geese are flying overhead on their migration; so, if the higher temperatures do arrive it will just feel odd with the colours, fruits, sights, and sounds of Autumn all around.   The forecasters are also telling us to expect snow in October.  It’s all rather bewildering.

I spent some of my weekend watching the last two episodes of Monty Halls Irish Escape on (my signed copy of the) DVD, which arrived on Friday.   It means I don’t have to wait two weeks to see the complete series.  It also means I don’t have to worry about missing an episode if I am required to work late.    It was pleasant but not as breath-taking as the first two series, but then I have a soft spot for the north-west of Scotland.

I also spent a bit of time outside with my camera so I could prove to myself – at a later date – that I had been outside during this change of season, as I feel I am spending too much time indoors these days sorting the contents of my abode.   I took some snaps, but lamentably I left it too late in the day and lost the light.   If you go to Flickr you can see the very first shot is of Tess, the labrador, who spotted me in the doorway with my camera and came running –  something she doesn’t do often these days.   I don’t know what it is about my camera, but whenever I am out and about with it, Tess pushes, shoves and elbows her way to the focus of the lens.   Despite this, I managed some decent shots of her daughter, Henny, and some poor quality images of the other resident, Roman the Rottweiler.

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