Housewarming Gift

As I walked out to my car this afternoon, I noticed my car has a new dent in the passenger side door.  As I looked more closely, it was clear the paint had been removed, too.   Great, I thought, someone hit my car during the week and never said anything.  There were no cars, or motorbikes around, so I knew is must have happened elsewhere.  I drove off being rather annoyed that it was another expense I would have to bear.

I spent a few hours away from home, doing my “weekend treat” shopping.   I arrived home to find a new car and a moving van parked in the courtyard, but no-one was around.  I called in on my landlady to say “Hi!”, not having seen her all week and she asked me if I had seen the new tenants.   I responded in the negative and she explained they had been looking for me – which immediately struck me as odd – explaining that they had damaged my car.

I went in to meet the new tenant, a guy and he immediately apologised for the damage which had occurred despite having censors on the back of his van.   He, and his girlfriend were very sweet and I felt awful for my earlier thoughts about the person who had damaged my car and left a note.    As it turns out, his girlfriend’s father owns a garage and will be able to repair the damage, but I will lose my car for a week or so.    They are a sweet couple, and I am inclined to think well of them both.

I just wish they had found a better way to introduce themselves to their new neighbours.  *LOL*

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