Sending My Love

My poor, dear sister is on the other side of the world, and she has not been well at all.   Being a bit of an independent soul, my sister hadn’t told any of our nearest and dearest she was suffering; I only learned of her affliction when I telephoned her to catch up, having not heard from her in a while.   I knew it must be truly bad because my dear sister had taken a day off work, a rarity for someone with such a strong sense of obligation.

I chatted with my dear sister for a while, but it became apparent my sister was suffering too much to continue to chat over the phone.   I was promised a photograph of the results of the affliction via text message, which arrived promptly after the telephone call was terminated.   To see how my dear sister was suffering was saddening and infuriating at the same time, because I knew I couldn’t be there to provide some TLC to ease her burden.    Thanks to the advantage of modern technology, however, I was able to send the picture received via text message to our father via email in the hope he would get in touch and offer some assistance and comfort.

I thought carefully about how to get the message across, as my dear sister is a very private person, so I opted to send a message to our parents only.  Unfortunately, some wires got crossed and my dear sister even crosser.   I did not post her picture on Facebook.  Yes, I did send a message to our parents advising of her (temporary, I hope) affliction.   My dear sister is a kind, caring soul but returning the same to her can be awkward.  I wish it wasn’t the case, because we all love my dear sister so.   I understand her feelings, to an extent, as I am a private person too, but this trait can cause upset when all someone wants to do is care and ensure you are comfortable, or happy.

I sent another text to my sister earlier this week and improvement in her condition has occurred, for which I am glad; however, it may be a little while before all is resolved.   I hate being so far away when a loved one has need.

In the meantime:

I hope, dear sister, that you are finding more relief every day and that you are soon fully recovered.   If there is anything I can do, please let me know.  Please, let any one in the family know as we would hate to see you suffer for any reason.

All my love,
Your Sister. xoxo

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