Remington S6600 Stylist Multi Style Stylers

I have owned a pair of hair straighteners for years, but only used them a handful of times because they were heavy, very bulky and didn’t really do the job. I have very curly, thick hair and it was time-consuming and cumbersome to use my old straighteners and it never looked as good as when the hairdresser used hers. Recently, I have become bored with always having my hair curly, so I had started to look at getting a more up-to-date pair of straighteners, knowing that technology had moved on since I bought mine and performance generally improved. Luckily for me, I had the chance to test the Remington S6600 Styler. Very lucky indeed.

Today I made some time to attempt to straighten my own hair for the first time in eight years and was very impressed. The Remington S6600 Styler heats up very quickly (seconds); it’s about the tenth of the weight of my old straighteners; and, as such, very easy to use. I didn’t blow dry my hair first, leaving it towel-dried and infused with a straightening product, relying instead on the Remington S6600 Styler. After just 40 minutes, which is the shortest time ever I’ve spent straightening my hair, I had achieved a smooth, sleek look that I would not otherwise achieve without spending an hour in the hairdressers. Yes, that’s right: my hair is that thick it takes a hairdresser (sometimes two) about an hour to style my hair straight. It’s been raining on and off today, and I had to go out after I’d finished, but my hair remained straight and sleek despite walking through some drizzle.

During the process of styling, I also adjusted the comb, after turning it off, and it’s true, you can get a soft curl if you desire. I opted to test a small section with the first setting, creating a long, straight look with a slight curl under at the end and, with just a few attempts – to gauge timing and turning – the Remington S6600 Styler produced exactly the look I wanted. I have yet to test the other two comb extension settings, but I expect the Remington S6600 Styler will do the job.

I like that the Remington S6600 Styler is pretty, with hot pink accents yet still delivers. They are very light, but substantial and easily tame strong, thick, curly hair with its own mind. It’s easy to handle, the on/off switch is hidden away, so you can’t accidentally turn them on, and a blue light flashes as it heats to the desired temperature, then the light remains steady until you turn the Remington S6600 Styler off, a good reminder mechanism. The Remington S6600 Styler comes with a handy storage bag, too, to keep it dust free.

There is a dial to select heat (much like you find on an iron), also hidden on the inside of the tongs, so you can’t accidentally turn it while styling; however it’s hard to determine which setting you have selected as there is no mark with which to line up. I wasn’t impressed with the lock that keeps the tongs closed as it slips somewhat (well, it did for me) and I had to watch the tongs so they didn’t open when stored. Also, the outside heated up meaning I didn’t feel comfortable putting them down, as I used both hands to re-section my hair, opting instead to keep them balanced, upright between my legs while seated.

I’m very glad I received the Remington S6600 Styler and will be using it again, and again, being confident I can produce different styles quickly and effectively.

Rating: 4/5.

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