Testing; Testing

For those of my family not on Facebook, you will not know that, today, while stuck in traffic for two hours with the rain so heavy you could not see more than four cars in front, I discovered (via a podcast) I had won a prize in a monthly draw, and will be receiving two CDs of music from two different artists in the post.  Certainly took away the misery of being stuck in the car, late for work and with no sign of movement.

Part of this weekend I shall spend testing and reviewing two products I received in the post: (1) the Remington S6600 Stylist Multi Style Styler; and (2) the Remington D3710 Stylist Turbo Dryer. I am hoping that they are as functional as they are pretty otherwise I will be forced to destroy them.   Having recently become a member of the Vine programme I am lucky to receive a newsletter every month with a list of items needing review, for which I can apply.  I must admit I am usually at work when this newsletter is released and for the first few months I didn’t know how this Vine programme worked, so I ignored the email.  Now that I am aware of it, I am participating and, just as I was searching for new straighteners and a blow dryer for my wish list (in case of another annual bonus), these two items appeared.   Very fortuitous.

And, now, it’s the August Bank Holiday weekend; I hope everyone enjoys that one extra day off.

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