The week held out some promise.   My car passed its MOT and didn’t cost the earth; well, it cost a considerable amount but I knew there were things that had to be done and/or replaced because I was warned at the last MOT that if they weren’t done then, they would have to be done this year.   I was able to pay my car tax online, which has not always been possible, often involving long queues at a major post office.   I was feeling quite good and getting some overdue tasks completed.

Then, yesterday, it all took a turn.  Firstly, my landlady informed me my rent is to increase because of the increase in energy costs.  Considering I had already had my rent raised by £100 a month last year, this is somewhat of a sore point with me.   Secondly, new policies at work mean that my internet access to most of my sites, including this blog, are now prohibited, so downtime is going to be strictly reading time now.   Sure, I can get through that ever-growing list of books in my personal library I have yet to read, but it also means that because of the limited allowances for downloads imposed by my service provider, many sites are going to fall by the wayside, if I wish to continue to blog.   Thirdly, I found out my little corner of the floor at work where the air conditioning can be maintained at a lower temperature without affecting anyone because my nearest neighbour also likes it slightly on the chilly side is about to change.   My near neighbour is moving floors and moving in is someone for whom I have no affection whatsoever.   I won’t go into any further detail.     Lastly, I came home hoping to relax and not think about things when my health took a turn, a very bad turn.

I ate dinner, something I’ve eaten before, with regularity and without any consequence whatsoever only to find myself just three hours later in pain, and in the bathroom.    It was vile and I took medication as soon as I was able and the pain started.  I crawled into bed, curled into a ball and felt the chill.  For me, the chills are a sure indication I am really not well.  I usually run hot and I my idea of ambient temperature is 16 degrees Celsius or below, so when I feel cold in warmer temperatures, say 21 degrees, then I know all is not well.   I really tried to sleep, but my body kept me out of bed and in the bathroom for hours.   Eventually, I managed about three hours between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.; however upon waking I was still chilled and still rushing to the bathroom.   More medication and a call to work because there is no way I could do the commute.

On another note, I thought today was Wednesday, not Thursday and this has become a theme this month, I have no clue what day of the week it is; I’m losing my sense of the days of the week.   Odd.

So, now I am sitting here, in pain, miserable and covered by a blanket – in August!   Seriously, I feel cold: very, very cold.   Yes, it’s raining but this is the kind of day I usually enjoy.  Not today.  Today, I want to crawl into bed, but I am not allowed.  My innards have other plans and I think they are in cahoots with the universe.   Yes, this week has certainly taken a turn for the worse.

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