It’s the little things

It has been five days since I last saw little rabbit and I am starting to get withdrawal symptoms, e.g. I am tempted to drive past that verge at all times of the day to see if it is still alive; I think about it during the day wondering what’s happened.  Has it died from myxy ?  Has someone had it for the pot?   I do hope I see the little rabbit again; I would so like to have a picture.

Today, though disappointed at not seeing the rabbit there were some pleasant sights to see on my drive down that country lane:  someone seeming to enjoy their stroll along the hedgerows, a cyclist cruising along and a horse and rider also out enjoying the warm and pleasant afternoon.   It gave a sense of calm and relaxed enjoyment which has been missing from our society the last few days.  A pleasant afternoon in sunny Kent – and it made me smile.

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