Book Giveaway – The Demon’s Apprentice (Autographed)

Once again, the Pagan Writers’ Community is giving readers the chance to own a signed copy of a book.  This time it’s “The Demon’s Apprentice (Chance Fortunato Book 1)” by Ben Reeder.

When 15 year old Chance Fortunato suddenly finds himself living with his long-lost mother and newfound little sister Deirdre, it’s like living in a dream from which he doesn’t want to wake up. What is all too real to him are the 8 years he’s just spent enslaved to the demon Count, to whom his father traded him for power and riches—and the vicious battle he’s just waged to win his freedom.

Chance doesn’t get to enjoy his idyllic suburban life for long before the mystical underworld he’s just escaped comes calling. As much as he wishes he could ignore it, Chance knows in his heart that he is the only one who can track down the murderer of his new friend and mentor, Sydney Chomsky.

Suspected by the police and hunted by the Wizards’ Conclave, Chance discovers dark secrets in every corner of his new life and quickly learns he can’t go it alone. Only an unlikely alliance with Alexis Cooper, head cheerleader and most popular girl in school, can help him survive the confrontation with an unexpected foe. To bring his mentor’s killer to justice, Chance will have to fight evil on its own terms, and discover whether that makes him a hero, or a monster.

So … go over and see how easy it is to get yourself a free copy of “The Demon’s Apprentice“, which has been given 4.92 stars by the reviewers at Good Reads.

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