A Rabbit Habit

Since the Spring, I have noticed a single, small rabbit appearing on a grass verge on the country lane I take to get to work.    Considering the commercial and farm vehicles that sometimes use this lane despite its minimal passing spaces and the disruption this might cause, the rabbit is very calm.  On a few occasions, I have stopped and we have looked directly at each other; the rabbit perfectly still and my car idling away.   Nothing seems to phase it.  

I have noticed this little rabbit more and more in recent weeks, even taking special care as I go around this verge* to look out for it.  As the grass gets longer, it gets a little harder and this rabbit does tend to stand perfectly still whenever vehicles approach: I have only seen him move a handful of times.  It’s strange to see a rabbit there, in broad daylight, munching away despite the disruption of the road.   I am used to only seeing rabbits at, or just after dusk when all begins to quiten in the fields and it’s safer to be out and about.

I just hope the rabbit sticks around for a while; it makes the first part of my commute more joyful and I’d like to take a picture before s/he leaves.












* The grassy patch is on a sharp bend where you have to stick to the kerb or risk a head-on from a vehicle coming from the opposite direction on the blind.


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