Ancestral Photographs

Recently, I have had contact with relatives from a side of my family with whom I have never had any previous contact.   They have been kind enough to provide me with some photographs.   Here is one of the Oxford family girls:

My great-grandmother, Gladys Green (née Oxford) is second from the left, dressed in white.  It is her husband, Douglas Stephen Green, that I am trying to locate.   I should very much like  to know if he is dead or alive.   Here is a picture of one of the member of her paternal line:

His name is John Oxford, but I am unsure if this is the father of Gladys, or her grandfather.   Once I am sure, I will edit the post with the correct detail.   Either way, it is clear there is more than European heritage in my family line.   Oral wisdom has it we have Native American passed down through this line, but the John Oxford’s are proving hard to trace, as can be seen from my earlier post, “Missing Ancestor“.

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