World Book Night – Update

Today, in the post I received a book that has been distributed as part of World Book Night 2011.  As can be seen, I did manage to get a hold of a copy of Seamus Heaney‘s “New Selected Poems, 1966-1987“.   It came courtesy of a blogger, Kirsty and has been allocated a special number so it can be registered on the World Book Night website and also on Bookcrossing so the book can be tracked as it is passed from one reader to another.

I won’t be able to start reading this book right away, as I now have other books on the go, but it’s next on my list and then, I, too, shall release it.    I am so grateful to Kirsty for providing me with a copy of my chosen book.   I just hope  it doesn’t get lost and is able to be tracked over the years.  I hope, too, it is enjoyed by many, many people as it journeys.

Once read, I promise to blog about where I released it and may even give a description of the next catcher.

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