Productive Saturday

It may not seem like much, but I managed to cross a few things off my “to do” list today and that was a bonus considering how off yesterday was.   We have received the new food bins from our council which requires all our food waste to be put into a tiny bin in tiny bins bags that you must get from the council, via your local library, before putting in the food bin.   This is then only collected once a fortnight: I’m sure we can all imagine the lovely smells that will be wafting around the borough come summer.   I needed to get some extra bags as I don’t imagine I can get to the library often.  It came as a surprise to find I have to write down my name and address every time I want extra bags.   Why?  Why do the council need to know who is getting extra bags?  In the process of getting to the library, I managed to damage the car by hitting a bollard which was hard to see through the mist on the windows, the rain and the dark tree I was also trying to avoid.   Since I care so little for this current car of mine, I won’t be getting it fixed.

Then to shopping.  I bought a mini screwdriver set so I can change the battery on my fitbug.  While there though there was a sale on some stinky candles, so I picked up a large gold, frankincense and myrrh version in a glass jar; it’s burning rather nicely now and the room is filling with a gorgeous scent.  From there a short trip to the express to pick up some essentials, and then on to Currys, who took my old microwave off me, which saves having to pay the local council to take it; just wish I’d know they took old ones earlier.   Off then to get some yummy dishes to take to work tomorrow from the unequalled Marks & Spencer.  I am doing overtime on the day shift and it will be a long one by all accounts starting at round 9 am and finishing around 12 – 14 hours later.

Back home and sorting out the recycling, washing and replacing my old gas camp cooker with the new one before taking a quick break and enjoying an hour of Glee; my own personal guilty pleasure.   Have a few more things to do, but thought to write the blog while I eat a dinner consisting of a spinach and parmesan pasta salade, as I haven’t written a blog in a while.

I have been spending a bit of time watching “Speaking our Language” a Gaelic learning programme from the 1990s currently being re-broadcast by BBC Alba, and though unable to watch it here south of the border I have acquired Series 1 on DVD.   It’s beginning to sink in; I am no longer feeling the block I had when I last undertook to learn the language; am feeling confident about returning to the book, “Teach Yourself Gaelic” (now renamed “Complete Gaelic“); and will soon be contacting my marvellous tutor for some speaking practice. I also need to acquire the CD Rom that accompanies the series then, on to Series 2, also on DVD.   I actually feel excited about continuing to learn the Gaelic, to the point of creating short, two-sided conversations in my head.

So, that’s my Saturday summed up.   Now, to bed and on to Sunday’s overtime which, by all accounts, may be very boring indeed.

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