For some months now I have been trying to get a hold of a Vision Corningware set of saucepans and frypan to no avail. I have been bidding on ebay, but they all get so expensive, especially when you include postage cost that I am soon priced out of the running. I have even had my friend who regularly attends boot fairs on the lookout and she, too, has come up empty.

So, when I saw this set on ebay, I didn’t hold out much hope; there was something in my favour though: the seller was unwilling to post them, only accepting collect (in person) from a place not far from me. I put them on my watch list to watch in anticipation and the bids piled up, after all this set was white and pretty, not the usual brown or burgundy. Well, the day loomed, but I was very busy and unable to get to the internet to keep an eye on this precious collection and so the item ended.

Over the weekend, I finally got a chance to see the price at which these saucepans were sold, only to find they had not been sold at all.  I quickly fired off a message to the seller and asked if I could pay the price initially listed for them and I would come and collect this week; to my joy she responded in the affirmative.   Wednesday is the day I get to finally take possession of a set of Vision Corningware saucepans and frypan, after months of searching.

I feel so lucky.

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  1. solsticedreamer

    oh well done!
    i have ‘borrowed’ my mums 2.5L amber pot for years now. it was a gift someone gave her which she never used so i ‘borrowed’ it-i usually make soup/stew in mine 🙂

    enjoy using them!

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