Latha Math ~ Mànran

No. 6 on the UK Indie Singles Chart on 23 January 2011.  


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4 responses to “Latha Math ~ Mànran

  1. solsticedreamer

    ohhhhhhh fantastic! i didnt even know there was an indie chart anymore.
    its so good to see younger people embracing tradition~recently on bbc 3 0r 4 they had programmes on clog dancing and folk dances around the country and i was so pleased to see younger poeple maintaining the tradition through their families or taking them up new. makes the heart soar to know its still living. (even tried to find clog dancing classes here but none to be found 😦 )

    • I saw those programmes, too. They were repeated in the early hours (a few times), so I could catch them. Turns out, the Unthank girls, the presenters, also sing; saw them on the BBC Folk Christmas.

      The Indie chart is for acts that are outside the mainstream, mostly artists you find on Xfm, not usually folk/rock from the celtic fringes. Even so, Manran also made it to No. 6 on the mainstream Scottish chart.

  2. solsticedreamer

    oh forgot to ask~do you mind if i post the same on my blog to promote?

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