Non-English book piles contest!

For those who are members of LibraryThing, the personal book cataloguing website, they are currently conducting a photographic competition for non-English books.   The idea is to photograph books from a single language, check out the list at the website, be creative and submit your photograph as per the instructions.

Although Scots Gaelic is not on the list, my Gaelic teacher has encouraged everyone to submit an entry for it, in the hope that someone who is fluent and wants to get some translation practice in will be encouraged to help with the translation of the LibraryThing site into Gaelic for Gaelic users.

I have seen two entries for the Welsh language so far, from bloggers, but I’d like to see how creative people can get with their books.  My Gaelic teacher created a poem using book spines, not for submission for this competition, so I encourage everyone to give it go.  I look forward to seeing the entries and being envious of the talents of others.

Good Luck!

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