Fantastic Service

A few weeks back I took my car in to Kwik-Fit stating that the passenger side tyres were continually deflating.  After waiting hours I was informed there was nothing wrong with my tyres, despite my having to pump them up every other day.  Ever since them, with the weather warming, every fourth day I find myself checking and repumping the tyres. 

Today, I came out to my car to find the back tyre almost completely flat and upon mentioning this to my landlady, she directed me to a local company, SE Tyres.  I must admit upon pulling up to the Footscray branch, I was none too confident with the young lads who were outside flipping tyres with their feet.

Never, ever judge  book by its cover.  

They had me drive up to the ramp, the tyres were off and checked and a replacement tyre (Bridgestone) was found.   Within 15 minutes of arrival, the new tyre was on the front, the previously front wheel (which had been thoroughly checked) was rotated to the rear and I was on my way for a mere £58.   The young men were extremely friendly, incredibly efficient and excelled at their work.    They answered my questions politely and precisely and I was so very pleased, I tipped them both.  If only they did brakes, too.

Who says that customer service is lacking in this country?   These lads were very young, a bit scruffy looking but were more professional than the bland units you find at major franchises such as Kwik-Fit.   Well done SE Tyres.  I will certainly be recommending you in future.

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