Added Bonus

I truly hope that 2011 continues along the same vein as the last few weeks. Apart from a couple of days of nausea and illness, life has been pretty good. A relaxing few days off, going home early on both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, a short span of overtime on a bank holiday rather than the expected 24, then 12 hours, and today, best of all, the message that my job is secure, which is more than I can say for a lot of my friends, unfortunately.

The head honcho of our company sent an office-wide voicemail informing all support staff of the state of the business (much like the State of the Nation address some country leaders make). It was pleasing to hear that we are still operating in the black and, despite the continued economic difficulties, we are maintaining our productivity. To that end, the management are issuing staff with an added bonus to say “thank you”. As much as I am unexpectedly happy with the bonus, I am much more pleased knowing that my job is secure.

It was a genuine pleasure to return to work yesterday (even though I worked overtime on Monday) because I had a job to return to and one that I do enjoy, for the most part. Sure, last year had it’s difficult moments, which have now been resolved, but this company are especially good to their staff in comparison to most. I know because I have worked for plenty of other companies in the same industry, and many of my friends have worked, or are working for many others.

So, my work is good; my health seems okay and I hope will improve over the course of 2011, with a little help from my consultants; and I have booked this year’s holiday to Wales (well, the cheque’s in the post); 2011 is shaping up well thus far and I have an inkling it may just be the best year for a long while.

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