Welcome to 2011

The year has started off well: I am home, not at work and I didn’t miss anything by being here.  Watching the London fireworks on television synchronised wonderfully with the accompanying soundtrack, I noticed the wind direction meant I would not have been able to take good photographs, despite my awesome vantage point from the office.  Tonight is misty and the wind is blowing the smoke towards the tower block.

Instead, I am at home, warm and cosy and having a lovely wee dram of Whisky.  Yes, folks I had a drink.   I found a bottle of my favourite tipple, Dalwhinnie on sale at my local supermarket and I thought: “Why not?”.  So I’ve started 2011 with a little alcohol in celebration.

So, here I am; at home; writing my first blog of the year.

Wishing my family and friends the best of everything for 2011.   Thank you for all the text message, emails, telephone calls, cards, thoughts, hugs and love you gifted me in 2010; may we continue to exchange wonderful gifts in 2011.   I am so grateful to have so many  wonderful people in my life.

Love to all.

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