Snow Stories

It’s snowed here again, while still waiting for the last lot to melt.  It was fine when I arrived home last night, but by the time I went to go out, it had snowed significantly and I wasn’t sure I could get out.   I had originally planned to go to a fayre down in the Kent countryside believing there wouldn’t be too much snow, but I decided to visit my friends in their shop instead because it the route took in main roads only, which I had hoped would be easier.    Unfortunately, the roads weren’t all that clear, and they were packed solid; at a standstill in places.  The main A road itself only had one of the three lanes open.

It took at least three times as long to get to the shop; the return journey was easier as it was dark and people had gone indoors.  As I made my way out on to the streets, I slipped twice when braking down the hill, but soon got into a rhythm leaving more than enough space in front of me and keeping the speed way low; too low for some who insisted on tail gating.   Once onto the highway, only one lane was drivable, but it was enough and everyone in front of me was more than sensible (for a change).   Made it to the shop but couldn’t see the long term parking spaces, so I pulled up where I could and hoped the traffic wardens weren’t about; they weren’t.

The girls were nice and warm in the shop and it was a joy to see them, even if I should have been out buying them some yule pressies, which looks even more unlikely if the snow continues over the next few days, as expected.   Lovely to chat as usual, but I couldn’t stay too long because I wanted to get home before dark.  Luckily there weren’t too many customers and we had a chance to natter.  Coming home, the roads were clear and dry and I made it to the service station and got some extra supplies just in case.   It was nice to see everyone out walking, rather than using their cars and it was lovely to see kids with their parents enjoying the long walks to and from the shops.  Made it home, managing the now icy hill with ease by dropping to the lower gear, but my usual parking space  could not be reached and is practically unusable.

The snow looks glorious and, strangely, it is sticking to the side of buildings making them look pretty, too.   The temperature is set to be -8 degrees Celsius tonight and I feel for all those animals out there.   I think people are getting a taste of how hard it can be for rural folk in winter, and how much tougher winter must have been for our ancestors when a hard snow made it difficult to do anything.

I may go out with the camera tomorrow and take some photographs

Have just finished decorating a xmas tree with my landlady whose skill at decorating for the holidays is exceptional. The house always looks amazing. I must admit I have not had so much fun in years. They are having their work drinks indoors but with the snow as deep as it is, only half have managed to turn up. Luckily, my landlady has enough room to accommodate them all overnight until the weather clears tomorrow. At least the weather is due to clear.

So, I am snuggling in for the night and, once I’ve finished this post, I shall have a root around the internet forums and then slip in under the duvets (Yes! More than 1) and read a book. Have a great night everyone.

Edited to add:  “Whilst out and about, saw a huskie dog with two panniers and towing a sledge laden with shopping. When he had to wait for one of his owners, he just couldn’t sit still; obviously loving the snow and the fun he was having. Probably the only one enjoying being out shopping in such weather.”

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