Cards & Cords

Just in case anyone might be expecting one from me, please understand that I will not be sending out any seasonal/holiday cards this year.  I missed the deadline to send any to my family and, if I am honest, I would rather donate the money to charity.   My workplace are running a “collective card” scheme, whereby you sign and overly large card with your message and put the money you would have spent on individual cards for your fellow employees into the collection box.    I’m doing the same with the money I would have spent on cards to friends and family.

I wish everyone the best of the season and a properous and joy-filled New Year; I just won’t be putting that on a card.

Changing topic: I need to wear reading glasses, more so since my fall last year; however, when they are not in use I tend to put them over my head which inevitably leads to dreadful tangles with my hair and ultimately the loss of several strands from my head in a rather painful manner.   In order to remedy the problem I decided to seek a cord from which to hang said spectacles when not in use.   I had hoped to find something that might be complementary to my glasses (a metallic silver/purple colour) but now I realise I may struggle to find anything that does not resemble an old lady’s discarded necklace; a old lady with poor taste at that. 

I have a request:  If, dear reader, you know of a site or shop where I can purchase a spectacle cord which is mildly interesting – silver spirals, heart shaped beads, filigree beads, charms, crystals, shells, skulls, anything different – please leave a link in the comments here.   I do not want to wear a cord that makes me look like some daft old bird and I am so disappointed to realise this was the highlight of my search.   

Where are all these crafty people when you need them to make something useful?

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