Local Warming

Well, at long last things have started to thaw here. As yet, I have not had a chance to take a photograph, but I will try to do so tomorrow. It’s certainly nice to be able to walk the pavement to the car without fear of landing on my derriere. I can even see the fields peeping through the layer of ice now.

On another note, I am just not in the mood for solstice/yule/Christmas this year. I just can’t get into gear, and I wonder if its’ because I missed the postal deadline for Australia, so have no hope of getting cards or any gifts there in time, or if it’s a general malaise. Everyone else seems to becoming festive and putting up their decorations, doing their shopping, getting in the food goodies, and so on. I haven’t even done a mental list of things I want to do, let alone type up a “to do” list. The only thing I have done is send some messages from Santa via email, but it was mostly because I had time at work to do so; sadly, the novelty wore off quickly. My only other concession has been to decide upon a charity to support over the holiday period. I regularly donate to certain charities, but over winter and the “merry/happy/jolly” holiday period, I usually do a little extra for those who find it tough.

For my own part, I am looking forward to a few days of being a true hermit; not coming into contact with another human soul for days. The quiet of Christmas Day itself is bliss. I wonder if it will be white?

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  1. solsticedreamer

    i have to admit to feeling festive~overly so i think because it was over yule and new year cody became ill and we lost him. i am trying hard not to think of that too much.

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