This ‘n’ That

I don’t believe I mentioned that as I drove to work the other day, I had geese flying overhead.   It’s funny how they seemed to fly low and track the motorway for some distance, I wonder if the airflow gives them a bit of a rest.  Sometimes I wish I didn’t drive, but was a passenger so I could take pictures of the sights as I go.  For instance, I should like to have taken a picture of:

  1. the geese as they flew overhead;
  2. the snow that is on the ground in the fields in the village next over;
  3. tonight’s sunset which was stunning;
  4. the full moon as I often see it on the exit slip (big, round and large as it rises over the horizon), as by the time I get home it has moved;
  5. (warning: rant!) other drivers as they undertake illegal maneouvres to post on a video site.

I was going to take a daily photograph of the fields around us to record the thaw, but there has been no actual change today.  Maybe tomorrow?

Last night, as I worked on a particularly boring assignment, I found myself listening to Radio Nan Gàidheal, not that I can understand more than the odd word here and there (apart from the English), but because I want to get used to the sounds and different accents.  It was all going well, especially during the talkback programme, until Radio Nan Gàidheal starting playing show tunes.   I couldn’t take it and switched back to ClassicFM, my favourite listening station when working or I need to concentrate.

How I long for the days when BBC Alba is availabe on Freeview, so I can watch as people speak the language.

Upon arriving home last night, I discovered that there was no electricity, except for the overhead lights of which I only have two: in my hallway and bathroom.   The fuse box being located in the basement meant that I had to wake my landlady to get it switched back on.  Unfortunately, she was fast sleep.  I sent a text but no reply and I didn’t want to call and upset her.   Maybe I should have?  I had no hot food, no television, two hours on my laptop power, no light with with to read, and no extra heating (it was 2°C in my room) until late morning when all were awake.

So, I tried to go to bed, but as it was freezing as I was unable to warm the room or make hot water bottles I just couldn’t settle.    I set my alarm for 7 so I could try waking my landlady again, but I must have turned that off in my sleep; not surprising, given I was awake until 5 a.m.    I woke to find everything back on and a response from my landlady saying there had been a power cut.

I am dreading what I might find when I get home tonight.

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