Days of Ice

So, I took some photographs yesterday of the southern fields and the deep layer of ice which was snow last week.

Today, I carefully picked my way around the slippery bits of mud mixed with ice on the northern side to snap two more photographs of the “far from thawed” fields.   As can be seen, there isn’t even the faintest hint of a melt at our place.   The only clear patches are those that have been manually cleared by the hired hands or my landlord. 

This morning the supermarket was out of bread (again) and I was informed that the bread is delivered around 7 a.m. and by 8 a.m. it has all gone because people are still panic buying.  The packers will still putting out the deliveries of other goods which were due on Friday but never arrived.    As I made my way into work, it seems no-one has yet come to claim their abandoned cars ~ some of which are on double yellow lines or red routes and I have no idea how our local councils missed that money making opportunity.   The roads are still very slippery, but today marked the return of the idiot drivers: undertaking at 90 mph on the flyover and then skipping back across the lanes to the fast lane, but causing everyone else to brake as they pushed in with less than a foot to spare; tail gating; doing 20 mph under the speed limit when approaching the freeway from a slip road (always a favourite because if you’re behind them you have no chance of merging with the traffic successfully without causing other drivers to brake); and one of my pet hates, doing a u-turn across three lanes of traffic to return to the road from which you came (cabbie at Aldgate).

Ah, enough of city drivers.

So, Facebook is screwing around with me.  With the new profile in place (and all are to be converted it seems; resistance being futile and all), I am only able to share links with others, not upload my own or, indeed, upload my own photographs.  I spent a good hour looking for a solution, but there doesn’t appear to be one, nor does there appear to be any kind of consideration for any of the complaints users have levelled at the upgrade.   That’s big business for you, folks.   It’s handy for me being on the other side of the world from most of my family to see photographs, etc. but maybe it’s time I left?

On a brighter note: my work colleague sent me a link tonight for a wonderul, seasonal website:  the Portable North Pole.  This website allows you to ensure that someone special in your life (toddler, kids and adults alike) gets a personal message from the jolly guy who lives up north.   Have a look and see if you can’t guess what I am going to be doing on the internet for the next few days.

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