Snow Days

For many, the snow is a thing of the past; the city itself is completely dry, if fogbound.

For me, at home, though we now have solid ice about 4 inches deep. My landlady used hot water and had to help me by pushing the car to get it on to the partially-cleared driveway last night. But when I got to the bend at the pool, there was a puddle of sheer ice which took my car in a direction I did not want it to go. I made it out though, no thanks to those who stole all our shovels last week.

It was interesting to see just how many abandoned cars are still on the roads, both last night and today as I drove to work. Some have snow walls around them that look impenetrable and may take a few hours digging to release. As I drove into the city though, the snow disappeared and the roads cleared apart from the incoming freezing fog. If you didn’t live out my way, you’d never know the difficulty us locals are having still.

The panic buying at the local stores continues and bread and milk remain hard-to-get items, which is made because only light snow has been forecast for tomorrow and Thursday.

The one good thing about the frozen world we currently inhabit is that people are much more careful drivers, sticking below the speed limit and leaving sufficient braking distance – it’s a miracle in this neck of England, I can tell you. The only idiot was to be found on the A2, a young boy driver in a souped-up hatch who obviously wanted to live dangerously.

I intend to keep a check on the progress of the thaw, if it ever comes. Our maximum temperature today was -1°C, so it may take some time. I will try to keep a photographic record, if I don’t slip on the ice while carrying my camera.

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  1. solsticedreamer

    ahhh yes the idiot drivers~we have a smallish college here on the edge of the village and out of the ones who drive i would say a good 90% drive like utter twits with no care for the ponies etc on the roads let alone the residents.

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