At last: I’m Home

Booked a taxi at 3 pm for my midnight drive home, as taxis are short in the city.   Taxi duly arrived, a Prius, and we made good time, but the driver was unable to get into our little private lane.   So, being wrapped in my two coast, scarf, wollen hat, pink heart-stamped wellingtons and leather gloves I picked up my three bags (one with food and water) and started to make my way from the gate down to the house.

The drive was completely iced, and the snow so thick, I couldn’t see the house.    There were strange noises, like thumps and I realised the snow was falling from the trees, because the wind was blowing.  When I looked up I realised there were huge chucks of ice and snow ready to drop on my head.    So, I had to walk down the middle part of the drive which was icy and very slippery.  Once I cleared the first clump of trees, I made it back into the softer snow which was about a foot deep but safer.

Made it around the bend and saw my car, a mini-snow hill.   I pulled some of the loose stuff off one section only to find a thick layer of ice welded to the outside of my car.  I don’t know how I am going to manage to get the doors open to run the engine and the heater to melt the snow.   It will take a few hours to remove the snow surrounding it, too.

When I finally got inside, it was cold.   The heating from the main house was on, but because I hadn’t used the fan heater in days, the temperature had dropped to 5 degrees Celsius inside.   I kept my layers on until the heater managed to get things up to around 12 degrees.  In the interim, I had to remove all the food from my fridge which was now out-of-date.   Luckily, I had brought a few things with me, as I don’t know how I am going to get to the shops with my car temporarily out of action.

It was lovely to have a shower, put on clean pyjamas (my first change of clothes in days) and crawl into bed.   Lovely and snug and warm.

As rotten as the weather is today – the rain is just forming an icy layer over the snow, which refuses to melt – I am still pleased to be home.    Woke up very late today, but just struggling to keep warm, the temperature in my room is just 15 degrees Celsius, but I hope it will continue to get warmer.   I won’t make it out today, and tomorrow I hope to make a start on my car and make it down to the shops for some much needed supplies.  If I can get my car out, I intend getting the things on the list I made and sorting my car out in case I get stranded when the snow returns.

As for work, I am so annoyed that the last two nights I’ve had next to nothing to do.   I did have to let a film crew in last night as they were setting up to film a National Lottery commercial over the weekend.  We are not the only office they are invading though, as there was mention of other buildings with views over the city.   I must say I wasn’t impressed with the hire furniture they brought in – truly awful and ratty.   Maybe that’s what they wanted for the pre-winning the lottery look?  I will certainly be watching to see if I can catch our office on tv in the future.

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  1. solsticedreamer

    glad you managed to get home safely and hope you have been able to get your car free to get your supplies.
    stay warm 🙂

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