Struck Down

It seems that while I have been stuck here in the city, the dreaded winter vomitting bug has struck at my place of residence.

The young lad who kindly got me to the train station on Wednesday has been struck down with this unpleasant virus, his brother having suffered through it on Monday and Tuesday night.   Inevitable, really, as the poor lad has been out and about in his 4×4 and tractor delivering essentials to those who are desperate, and I suspect he may also have been called in to help clear the roads with tractor and plough overnight.    He does work like the Dickens, and with below freezing temperatures and snow and having close contact (he works closely with his older brother) with the virus, I doubt he could have avoided catching this nasty.

Poor thing.   It’s not pleasant and now I expect his mother, who has nursed both brothers through the worst maybe next in line.   

So, there was an advantage to my not being able to get home.  I just hope I can avoid it when I return.

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