Incredibly Fecked Off

So, this afternoon: there was more snow last night and my car is effectively buried; the only vehicle operating out of the farm is the tractor; the snow comes up to my knees and, in some places, my thigh; and there is more snow expected tonight (around 20 – 30 cm).

I reported all this to my manager, but work have insisted I come to in tonight, despite a remotest possibility of being able to return home.   I have no annual leave left and my manager is well aware that I cannot afford to go without pay because of my debt situation.    I duly contacted my landlady after a frustrating conversation with my manager, and my landlady asked her son if he was able to drive me to the nearest station in the tractor which would mean he is pulled away from essential deliveries of hay and straw to locals.   He had just left but said he could return in 40 minutes and try and get me to the nearest station.   

When I telephoned work to explain my situation (having to wait 40 minutes for a tractor), and that I had to borrow money to cover if I got caught in London and had to stay at a hotel (I had left my debit card at work on Monday), I was informed I was still expected in.   And that if I couldn’t get home, work would book me into a hotel.   As it happens, I won’t be able to get home tonight, nor is it likely to improve by Friday with more snow on the way.   I only had time to pack a change of underwear, my toothbrush and a new shirt before the tractor returned and I needed to leave – that’s all I have for three days.

That means, folks, that effectively I am expected to stay at work for three days straight, but my colleague who lives just 5 minutes drive from me (in normal circumstances), and can get to a train station within walking distance (about 10 minutes) does not have to come in at all; apparently because she has children at home, but her husband works from home.

When I informed my manager that the trains which left the station yesterday evening were still stuck to the tracks this afternoon, and that I had to wade through snow 1½ deep,  it didn’t appear to make a difference:  I was still expected to come in.   How fortunate, then, that the trains could go no further the next stop, and so were heading straight up to London, meaning I was able to get to a mainline station and then tube it to work and still arrive on time.

I became even more livid when I read emails from earlier in the day stating that others who live in affected areas had not made it in the last two days at all.   I work nights when transport is even less active, yet I was still expected to come in.

So, I am at work  and becoming angrier by the second, as everything I have been asked to do so far is non-urgent and could have been handled by an office overseas.    I have been told that if there is too much work, I can contact my colleague so she can work from home – WTF?  

Why does being single give my workplace permission to treat me like shit?   Just because I don’t have kids doesn’t mean I don’t have a life and can afford to be away from home (having been snowed in for two days) for three days.  

I am so very pissed off right now …

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  1. solsticedreamer

    no wonder you are so angry~my blood is boiling on your behalf just reading this. your manager was very unreasonable and so unfair 😦

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