A picture of my car as it was as I tried to free it to get to work.   My landlady came out to inform me there was no way to leave the property as my landlord was out with his 4×4 and the tractor was also out and neither had come back for hours, despite only being 5 and 3 miles away respectively. With the snow being a foot deep and it still snowing, getting the car to the gate would take about 2 hours alone.  As we were talking another tenant came in and couldn’t get down the drive, the snow being so deep.   She got her shovel out but there was no moving, so her car has been abandoned half way down the drive.   The tenant had been just 2 miles away and had spent three hours trying to get home.

I telephoned work and I was informed I would have to use my annual leave as my colleague, who lives a 5 minute drive away was going in by train and was coming back by taxi.   There is no way I could even make it to her house, as our local council had not gritted the roads, or even ploughed them (my landlord is one of those who ploughs and he had no contact from them), even though her local council had.   The local news informed us that heavy snow (with drifts) are expected at 9 p.m.    I had no choice:  I had to take the leave.  London city itself is clear, which is frustrating, because people think you are making a big deal about nothing.   Still, did see on the news tonight, with the trains being delayed, or even cancelled, most will not make it home.

I feel for my colleague though as I believe she won’t make it home, as when the landlord returned, he informed us they have closed the motorways in order to clear them and, by this time, the snow was falling so heavily that we could not see the house from the barn.   The scary thing is the sound of branches breaking under the weight of the white stuff.  It startles the dogs who are going mad with the weather.  I’d hate to think how many people may lose their cars from parking them under sick trees.

So, if this is November, what will January be like?

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