Pros & Cons for Sunday

So, I didn’t get to sleep until 7.30 a.m. and my alarm went off at 9.30 a.m.   I got up, showered and dressed and this is how I rated the day:


Only 1½ hours sleep;
flat tyre on car as I was leaving;
got to petrol station to pump up tyre, but when I tried to pay I realised I had lost my debit card;
go to local market where I last used said debit card, but they don’t have it;
arrive at work and the lights in my bay aren’t working;
no-one in maintenance is answering the telephone, so get transferred to several people before anyone picks up;
painters and decorators are in, so place smells of paint fumes;
drop the coffee mug my brother and sister sent to me for my birthday from Roma and it shatters all over my desk;
spill coffee everywhere in the kitchen, which is a pigsty from people leaving their take-aways everywhere, bins are overflowing;
I’ve been sitting here for five hours with nothing to do but I’m “definitely needed“; and
I am missing Countryfile for naught;
no matter what time I finish, I have to drive home (with 1½ hours sleep in 48 hours).


I received a cheque in the mail (I don’t always get my mail when the postman delivers it, I have to wait for it to be distributed to the tenants);
put cheque in post which is collected tonight, so money in the bank tomorrow;
cancelled exhorbitant car insurance quote which had doubled since last year;
took up third lowest quote from car insurers which also offered a heavy discount on my break-down cover (making it lowest overall), which combined is less than half the price my current insurers offered me;
have finished reading two books since I’ve arrived;
so far, I’ve earned two days’ salary doing nothing;
I’ve qualified already for the meal allowance;
this overtime will make it into my December pay packet;
work has WiFi, so I can Skype my grandmother if I stay late.

Overall, I think it a balanced day, but I can’t help thinking of the overtime money that will help towards making it from the middle of December right through to the end of January on a single pay packet.   So, for that: it gets a thumbs up.

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