Proposal to broadcast BBC Alba over Freeview

On 18 November a proposal is to be presented to the BBC Trust to make BBC Alba availablee on FreeviewBBC Alba has a vital role to play in the future of Gaelic.  The value of having such a service on Freeview would be of huge benefit to the language and those (like me) who support it. You could show your support for this proposal by writing to:

Sir Michael Lyons
BBC Trust Unit
180 Great Portland Street

and further raise awareness of our cause by sennding a copy of your letter to:

Ken McQuarrie
BBC Scotland
Pacific Quay

This is important to me, because I have no access to cable and satellite is prohibited on my building, so my only access to BBC Alba is via Freeview, especially given I am unable to access BBC’s iPlayer having only a paltry mobile connection and a work server based in the USA.

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