Had an extraction today.   Seven injections later and I still had a pain, but not in the area of the extraction, but two teeth further forward.  Very perplexing.   At least the dentist didn’t freak out when I freaked out.   I have definitely found the right dental practice for me.   It may be miles away, but well worth the drive and the time it took to find.

I spent ages on the internet searching for a dentist that can cope with over-anxious patients like myself.    It certainly paid off.   My check-ups are a breeze, and I am confident that should I need major work they can cope with my anxiety.   The practice has the latest equipment and it’s a little expensive, even as a private practice, but I can claim it back on my work health insurance policy.  Unfortunately, implants aren’t covered, but at least I know the practice can do them for me in the future.

So, all I have to to is take the pain killers before the previous dose wears off and rinse with salt water for a few days.   Right now, I am thinking I might just take myself off to bed for a wee nap as I wait for the anaesthetic to wear off completely.   Dribble; dribble.

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