Dead on Arrival

Back in July, I submitted an application for a free tree, as part of a promotion by Velvet Tissue.   Well, it came in the post today.   At first I didn’t know what it was as the sapling had been sent in a cardboard tube.  I opened one end to see some dead leaves stuck to the container.  I opened the other end and the little sapling fell out along with a card.

I checked the sapling and realised it was long gone.  I read the card, which included the instructions found on the website:  “Keep the roots moist until you are ready to plant it. Don’t allow them to dry out.”  Alas, the roots and bag were dry, no wonder the leaves had detached from the little sapling and stuck to the inside of the cardboard tube.   Nothing at all to do with it being Autumn.

A shame really, as it seemed like a good idea and I was looking forward to having a Rowan on the property.

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