Updated iPod List

This is the current list of albums on my iPod.  I’ll update it as I add (or delete) media.

30 Odd Foot of Grunts ~ Bastard Life or Clarity
Abba ~ Gold
ABC ~ Absolutely
Adam and the Ants ~ Prince Charming
Alannis Morrisette ~ Jagged Little Pill
Alannis Morrisette ~ Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie
Alex & Michelle Garcia-Diaz ~ Sacred Chants
Alison Kinnaird & Christine Primrose ~ The Quiet Tradition
Aniar ~ Shoot the Sky
Annie Lennox ~ A Christmas Cornucopia
The Animals ~ The Singles Plus
Arrested Development ~ 3 Years, 5 Months and 2 Days
Avril Lavigne ~ Let Go
Avril Lavigne ~ Under My Skin
Bellowhead ~ Hedonism
Bellowhead ~ Matachin
Bellowhead ~ Umbrellowhead
Billy Idol ~ Songs
The Brand New Heavies ~ Brother Sister
Box Car ~ Vertigo
C&C Music Factory ~ Gonna Make You Sweat
Christine Primrose ~ Aite Mo Ghaoil
Clannad ~ Anam
Clannad ~ An Díoliam
Clannad ~ Banba
Clannad ~ Celtic Collection
Clannad ~ An Díolai
Clannad ~ Legend
Clannad ~ Magical Ring
Clannad ~ Sirius
The Corries ~ Flower of Scotland
The Corries ~ The Silver Collection 1966 – 1991
The Corries ~ The Very Best of the Corries
Cocteau Twins ~ Blue Bell Knoll
Crowded House ~ The Very Best of Crowded House
Crowded House ~ Woodface
Dead Can Dance ~ A Passage in Time
Dead Can Dance ~ Dead Can Dance
Dead Can Dance ~ Duality
Dead Can Dance ~ Into the Labyrinth
Dead Can Dance ~ The Screen Behind the Mirror
Dead Can Dance ~ Toward the Within
Deep Forest ~ Deep Forest
Deep Forest ~ Boheme
Depeche Mode ~ Exciter
Depeche Mode ~ Playing the Angel
Depeche Mode ~ Songs of Faith & Devotion
Depeche Mode ~ Ultra
Depeche Mode ~ Violator
Diana Vickers ~ Songs from the Tainted Cherry Tree
Directions in Groove ~ DIG Deeper
Doug Anthony Allstars ~ Icon
Duffy ~ Rockferry (Deluxe)
Duran Duran ~ Rio
Efua ~ Dream Juice
Ella Fitzgerald ~ 1918 – 1996
Elvis ~ 30 #1 Hits
Enigma ~ The Cross of Changes
Enigma ~ MCMXC a.d.
Enigma ~ Voyageur
Enya ~ The Celts
Enya ~ And Winter Came
Enya ~ The Memory of Trees
Enya ~ Shepherd Moons
Enya ~ Watermark
Evanescence ~ Fallen
FSOL ~ Lifeforms
Gary Stadler & Wendy Rule ~ Deep Within a Faerie Forest
George Michael ~ Older
Global Journey ~ Thunderstorm
Green Crown ~ Washed in Her Blood
Holly Vallance ~ Footprints
Ishbel MacAskill ~ Sioda
Jamiroquai ~ A Funk Odyssey
Jamiroquai ~ Emergency on Planet Earth
Jamiroquai ~ High Times
Jamiroquai ~ Synkronized
Jamiroquai ~ Travelling without Moving
Jamiroquai ~ A Funk Odyssey
Jamiroquai ~ Emergency on Planet Earth
Jamiroquai ~ High Times
Jamiroquai ~ Synkronized
Jamiroquai ~ Travelling without Moving
Janet Jackson ~ Velvet Rope
Jillian LaDage ~ The Ancestry
Joss Stone ~ The Soul Sessions
Julie Fowlis ~ Cuilidh
Kate Bush ~ Directors Cut
Kate Bush ~ The Kick Inside
Kate Bush ~ The Red Shoes
Kate Bush ~ A Sea of Honey
Kate Bush ~ A Sky of Honey
Kate Bush ~ The Whole Story
Katie Melua ~ Call off the Search
Katie Melua ~ The House
Katie Melua ~ Pictures
Katie Melua ~ Piece by Piece
Kilmartin House Trust ~ Kilmartin Sessions
Kula Shaker ~ K
Lady Gaga ~ The Fame Monster
Lenny Kravitz ~ Mama Said
Liath Hollins ~ Rigantona
Lisa Gerrard ~ The Mirror Pool
Lisa Knapp ~ Wild and Undaunted
Liz Crow & Heike Robertson ~ Chanting (Museum of Witchcraft)
Llewellyn ~ Reiki Healing Journey
Loreena McKennitt ~ An Ancient Muse
Madonna ~ American Life
Madonna ~ Bedtime Stories
Madonna ~ Breathless
Madonna ~ Confessions on a Dance Floor
Madonna ~ Erotica
Madonna ~ Greatest Hits Volume II
Madonna ~ Hard Candy
Madonna ~ Music
Madonna ~ Ray of Light
Mara Freeman ~ Celtic Tales of Birds and Beasts
Martin Walker ~ Ancient Seas
Martin Walker ~ Moonhill
Martin Walker ~ The Greenwood
Martin Walker ~ Secret Trees
MC Hammer ~ Please Hammer Don’t Hurt Em
Mediaeval Baebes ~ Mirabilis
Mediaeval Baebes ~ The Best of Mediaeval Baebes
Mediaeval Baebes ~ The Rose
Mediaeval Baebes ~ Salva Nos
Mediaeval Baebes ~ Undrentide
Mediaeval Baebes ~ Worlds Blysse
Melody Gardot ~ My One and Only Thrill
Melody Gardot ~ Worrisome Heart
Midori ~ Scarborough Fair
Mike Scott ~ Bring ‘Em All In
Mike Scott ~ Still Burning
Mike Simmons ~ Compositions of Stone
Moby ~ 18
Moby ~ Ambient
Moby ~ Play
Moby ~ Hotel
Mumford & Sons ~ Sigh No More
Nickelback ~ Silver Side Up
Nina Simone ~ The Very Best of Nina Simone
Nirvana ~ Unplugged in New York
Norah Jones ~ Come Away with Me
Norah Jones ~ Feels Like Home
Norah Jones ~ Not Too Late
Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal ~ Holst: The Planets
Peatbog Faeries ~ Croftwork
Peatbog Faeries ~ Faerie Stories
Peatbog Faeries ~ Live
Peatbog Faeries ~ Mellowosity
Peatbog Faeries ~ Welcome to Dunvegas
Peatbog Faeries ~ What Men Deserve to Lose
Pet Shop Boys ~ Discography
Pet Shop Boys ~ Very
Portishead ~ Portishead
Radical Face ~ Ghost
Red Hot Chilli Peppers ~ By The Way
Robbie Williams/Kylie Minogue ~ Kids
Robyn ~ Robyn (Special Edition)
Sa Dingding ~ Alive
Sa Dingding ~ Harmony
Santana ~ Supernatural
Scissor Sisters ~ Scissor Sisters
Seth Lakeman ~ Freedom Fields
Seth Lakeman ~ Hearts + Minds
Seth Lakeman ~ Kitty Jay
Seth Lakeman ~ Poor Man’s Heaven
Seth Lakeman ~ The Punch Bowl
Shakespeare’s Sister ~ Hormonally Yours
Shakespeare’s Sister ~ Sacred Heart
Sheryl Crow ~ Sheryl Crow
Simple Minds ~ Glittering Prize ’81 to ’92
Simply Red ~ Stars
Spandau Ballet ~ Gold
Spiers & Boden ~ Tunes
Gary Stadler & Wendy Rule ~ Deep Within A Faerie Forest
Tangerine Dream ~ Dream Mixes
Tony O’Connor ~ Mariner
Tony O’Connor ~ Seashore Sunrise
Tony O’Connor ~ Whispering Sea
U2 ~ All That You Can’t Leave Behind
U2 ~ Beautiful Day
U2 ~ How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
Waterboys ~ A Pagan Place
Waterboys ~ Fisherman’s Blues
Waterboys ~ The Best of the Waterboys ’81 to ’90
Waterboys ~ The Secret Life of the Waterboys ’81 to ’85
Waterboys ~ This is the Sea
Waterboys ~ Universal Hall
Wendy Rule ~ Beneath the Below is a River
Wendy Rule ~ Deity
Wendy Rule ~ Guided by Venus
Wendy Rule ~ The Lotus Eaters
Wendy Rule ~ The Wolf Sky
Wendy Rule ~ Zero
Wendy Rule ~ Meditation on the Four Elements


Classic Movie Themes III
Dawson’s Creek ~ Volume I
Dawson’s Creek ~ Volume II
Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone
Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban
Lord of the Rings ~ The Fellowship of the Ring
Lord of the Rings ~ The Two Towers
Lord of the Rings ~ The Return of the King
Shaka Zulu
Star Wars ~ Episode II
Star Wars ~ Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
The Commitments
The Insider
The Matrix


Australian Legends
A Very Special Christmas II
Classic FM ~ The Passion of Puccini
Classics at the Movies – Volume 1
Hollywood Goes Wild
Now That’s What I Call Music (Volume I)
Pagan Folk Against Fascism
Songs of Witchcraft and Magic
Sunday Express ~ Summer Classics
The Best Christmas Album in the World … Ever
The Best Jazz … Ever
The Best of the 90s
The Best Rave Anthems Ever
The Big Issue ~ Six
The Mail ~ Coast to Coast: 20 Summer Cruisin’ Classics
The Mail ~ Giants of Rock
The Ultimate Celtic Collection
This is Acid Jazz
White Clouds


Katherine Spadaro & Katie Graham ~ Colloquial Scottish Gaelic
Paul McDermot ~ (Unplugged) The Good News Week Tapes
Volume I
Paul McKenna ~ Craving Buster
Paul McKenna ~ Exercise Made Easy
Paul McKenna ~ I Can Make You Thin
Paul McKenna ~ Programme Your Mind to Slim Your Body
Rowan Tree & Red Thread ~ Meditations
Mad Mick ~ Pagan Rhyme Time
Teach Yourself ~ Gaelic
Well Being ~ Reiki


Adventures in Dowsing
A History of Scotland
A Narrow Sea
BTR: Witchy Living
Celtic Myth Podshow
Celtic Shaman
Coast and Country
Completely Burns
Countryfile Magazine
The Crooked Path
English Heritage
Farming Today
Hedgefolk Tales
The Little Letter for Gaelic Beginners
Letter for Gaelic Learners
One Minute Gaelic
The National Trust for Scotland
Photography 101
The Photography Guild
Scotland Outdoors (Radio Scotland)
Walking Through Landscape (Radio Scotland)
Wildlife Magazine (BBC)
Witchy Living


Celtic Poets (Audiobook)
Cadfael: The Pilgrim of Hate ~ Ellis Peters
Chasing the Bard ~ Phillipa Ballantine
The Cuculian Trilogy ~ Standish O’Grady
Druids: A Very Short Introduction
The Fox ~ Arlene Radasky
Good Omens ~ Neil Gaiman
Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell ~ Susanna Clarke
The Mark of Druid ~ Rhonda R. Carpenter
Mindfulness for Beginners ~ John Kabat-Zinn
The Poems and Songs of Robert Burns
Prince of  Hazel and Oak (Shadowmagic Book II) ~ John Lenahan
Ravenwood ~ Nathan Lowell
Shadowmagic ~ John Lenahan
A Short History of Ireland in 240 Episodes


Last updated 12 January 2011.

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