Crafty Canine

As I left for work today, Tessa, the black Labrador, was lying in her bed looking down the corridor into the courtyard with the dirtiest expression I’ve ever seen on a dog. I have seen cats putting on such faces and giving attitude, but never a Labrador. I knew it was directed as someone she knew, because she wasn’t up and barking, but rather staring with an expression of pure “I’m going to get you”. As I locked my door and made my way out towards the courtyard, the youngest son of the household came in. He had heard me talking to Tess, asking her about her expression and relayed an incredible story.

Tessa was angry with him, it seems, because he had uncovered her secret scheme.

For the last two weeks, and over the coming few weeks, a construction company have used the secure facilities here to store their vans and equipment overnight while they work in the area. Along with that equipment, the contractors have a tea wagon that parks up in the compound, and then the workmen arrive to have their lunch and tea breaks. It seems that Tessa had worked out their schedule and so would arrive at their perimeter whenever a shift came in for a break and go in with them, in order to scam food out of the workers. Once they went back to work, she would come into sleep, then wake up as the next shift arrived. Tessa had worked out their entire schedule and because the residents were at work away from a view of the compound, nobody noticed what she was up to.

Tessa has been on half rations for a while now, as she is very overweight, and nobody could work out why she wasn’t losing weight. So, today, as the son was doing repairs down by the barn he saw what Tess hanging around the workers in the compound. He went over to the workers to find out what Tessa was doing. They explained how they had been feeding Tessa as she came in to have a break with them. Of course, the son was furious (at Tessa) and asked the workmen not to pander to her anymore. He promptly chased Tessa out of the compound, and told her off. No wonder she was sulking in her bed for the rest of the day. No surprise then, Tessa was shooting dirty looks in the son’s direction whenever she saw him.

Tessa was still not happy when I arrived home this morning; she was still sulking. Obviously, she knows there is no more free snacks on demand. Strangely, the other two girls, her daughters, never cottoned on to what she was doing; Tessa knows how to keep things to herself it seems.

You have to admire Tessa’s cunning. She certainly isn’t stupid.

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