Saturday Sojourn

I awoke a little later than I wished today, but it didn’t matter. I got myself ready and headed out to do a little shopping at the not-so-local farm shop/garden centre.

I found myself a trug so I can go collecting edible goods from around the fields and when not in use as foraging kit, it doubles as a fruit basket. Next on my list was a spring release cake tin, but they were too expensive, so a trip to Wilkinsons is on the cards for Monday after my hospital appointment.

Next a quick stop at the butcher and I acquired a small haggis (I do like it, but am unsure as to how the southern style will compare with the authentic recipes from over the border), some salt beef/corned silverside slices, a small rolled shoulder of lamb, a sage and onion stuffed pork chop, and three ginger and spring onion sausages.

Then it was on to the grocery section and I treated myself to some Black Bomber cheese (a personal favourite), cornish clotted cream, local organic milk, four gigantuan bramley apples, bananas, some brandy and apple sauce for the chop (though I had planned to make my own), and several bottles of Lemon, Lime & Bitters all the way from Bundaberg, Queensland. It’s my all-time favourite soft drink from home and, chilled, it’s almost divine.

By the time I left the complex the rain had stopped; the temperature had risen and I was feeling rather warm in my raincoat. Back home and a quick drop in to Marks & Spencer for some crackers for the cheese.

As I was driving up the path towards the house, I noticed a large collection of mushrooms, standing tall, on the north lawn. Rather than put my shopping indoors immediately, I retrieved my Samsung camera from my handbag and headed over to take some pictures as the sun was still hanging around.   As I made my way across the courtyard I was spotted and was soon followed by the dogs: Tess, Henny and Body (short for Boudiccea).  I found it difficult to take any good photographs as the girls immediately pounced everytime I lay on the grass to get a good shot.   I found myself fending off snuffing noses, licking tongues and scratchy claws trying to wrestle.    Tess, being obsessed with having her picture taken, immediately stood in front of the lens wherever I aimed it.   After some bribery, lots of cuddles and wrestles and a kick around with a forlorn soccer ball, I finally managed to get some photographs, but I was not happy with what I produced so resolved to return on Sunday and hoped the mushrooms would not deteriorate.

I retrieved the groceries and put them away and sat down to enjoy some of my Cornish Cruncher cheese with some Dandelion & Burdock to wash it down with.    I realised the light was still good and retrieved the Canon DSLR and went back to take photographs, but I was deceived; the sun had set.   I took some sunset shots with mushrooms and one of two sunflowers I found in the field, but any good pictures may not be taken until tomorrow.

The only downside to the day was I had no idea the new series of “Mad Men” was being repeated tonight and I caught only the last three minutes.   Still, I was compensated as the grilled pork chop, accompanied by beans and mashed pumpkin and potato was delectable.   If only I had taken the time to make a small apple crumble for desert, but I attempted to upload the photographs instead and that took hours using the mobile internet connection.

Tomorrow, I may shock my sister by attempting to make a crumble, bake some bread rolls, and maybe cook another meal: I’m thinking the lamb.   Of course, I will need to telephone my sister, in Australia, to get the instructions, but I am sure she won’t mind as she knows she is far the superior cook and is always trying to encourage me.

So, today was food day: bought and explored in the garden; tomorrow may be a day for baking and cooking and, if the weather holds, photography (again).


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2 responses to “Saturday Sojourn

  1. 74pappy

    I was quite amazed as I read this article, at the items you were buying, I thought someone was going to cook for you! it is great that you are trying to cook, it’s in the family and if you keep practicing younwill end up a good cook.
    it’s a bit of a shame you didn’t get the stinking bishop cheese though 🙂 I loved that farm, wish I had something local like that. Though then other weekend when bro was down, we all went to the Northey Sreet Organic Markets on the Sunday, and that was good.
    Keep practicing the cooking.

  2. Well, I had breaded brie and cranberry for starters; roast shoulder of lamb, potato wedges and peas for mains; and elderflower rice pudding for desert on Sunday night and Monday’s blog will tell you how I suffered for it.

    I’ve yet to make the apple crumble; may do that tonight. The haggis may be steamed tonight, too.

    As to you and your Stinking Bishop cheese; that stuff is banned from my house, as you very well know.

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