For My Dad

Today is Fathers’ Day in Australia and, last night, I forgot to telephone one of the most important men in my life, my father. I’m sorry Dad that I am so forgetful, but know that I never forget you. I keep pictures of my family on my wall at work and so I think of them every day; it’s just that living on the other side of the world, sometimes I forget important dates like today.

I love my Dad, for a lot of reasons: he is kind; he is generous (to a fault); he has a big heart; and, despite gruff appearances, he is very sensitive.  My Dad is super intelligent and can turn his abilities to anything and is happiest when working with his hands fixing something or creating something fantastic like a motorised car and trailer from an old wheelchair motor for the little boy across the road.  My Dad is very sensible and grounded, though a larrakin with a wicked sense of humour, and is lucky to have a wonderful family, good friends and a beautiful, supportive and caring wife whom he loves dearly. Though not the most expressive person on the planet, I have always known my Dad loves me and I hope he knows that I have always loved him. After all, it takes a great man to love such an ugly looking baby (see photo) and a child as flawed as me.

My father worked very hard all his life, sometimes being away for long periods at a time, and gave up weekends, so his family could enjoy a good life.   I am certain, Dad, I never thanked you for this but I am grateful for every opportunity I had because of your sacrifices.  I am only sorry I did not fulfill the potential I inherited from you (and Mum) and make you truly proud – as proud as I am to say you are my father; proud to call you “Dad“.

Dad: I love you and I do miss you, terribly. I hope you had a wonderful Fathers’ Day, despite my forgetting to send you my card and gift.

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