Photographic Issues

I have been trying to do some work on the photographs I took on my recent trip to Scotland.  I had been making the changes using Picasa (I can’t afford Photoshop) on my laptop at home.   I was then copying the altered photographs onto a USB stick and bringing them to work to upload using broadband.  It made sense because it took over 8 minutes to upload one photograph using my mobile broadband and it chewed up my “fair use” time, whereas it took less than 20 minutes to upload 21 photographs using the work connection.

However, once the pictures were uploaded, I noticed they were extremely dark and no amount of adjusting the controls on my work monitor made a difference. What’s more, the shading was different again on my iPhone.   What is going on?   Why do the photographs look perfectly lit on my home laptop, but overly dark and blurry on my work computer and how is it my iPhone is in-between (though leaning more to the dark side)?

Should I be processing the photographs on my work computer or my home computer?  Or is my work computer just rubbish?  

Folks, you tell me.   There is a link to my Flickr account on the right hand side of this blog.  Do the last 21 photographs appear too dark in comparison with the rest?  Or is it just my work computer monitor misbehaving?

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