Care Package 2010

Care Package 2010

There is this person in my life, whom I call sister; used to call “P…” [she would kill me if I posted her nickname here]; still think of as one of my best friends; and is definitely one of the great loves of my life.  In this picture, you can see why.

My darling sister does take care of me, despite me being the eldest.   I asked if Sis could post me some Dove Exfoliating Face Wash, which is unavailable here in the UK, and which pharmacies in Australia won’t post to me for less than £64; the rip-off merchants.  Sis kindly agreed and said she would send it before I went on my holidays.   Her timing could not have been better.

Tonight is my last night at work before heading off and I come in to find a box (badly crumpled) in my desk drawer.  It has a dangerous goods declaration on it, which alarms me until I read the customs slip which reads: “chocolate“. 

Chocolate?“, I ask quite loudly, making my colleagues jump. 

I rip open the box to find, not just five bottles of the exfoliating cream, but a large selection of my favourite confectionary from home.   Seriously, folks, this sister of mine spent a small fortune on postage to send me this gift, and I cannot help but love her for it; dearly, love her for it. 

As I am going away, I am going to put the chocolates aside as a lovely treat to greet me when I return home from my travels to the islands of Scotland.  [I can only hope the readers of this blog are aware that a blow-by-blow account of my trip will be the next thing to appear on these pages.

Thank you, my dearest, darling sister.  I love you.  You are the sweetest, most generous person I know.

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