Good Times?

I was paid a compliment this evening:  apparently, I look less stressed than normal.    I think I may no the reason; my new treatment plan.   I have been following the treatment now for four days and already I feel the difference.   The effect is immediate and, since starting I’ve felt much more comfortable and my body has calmed down.

It’s making a difference in my attitude, too.  The drive to work is no longer a counting game; counting how long it will be before I may need to stop.   Going out in general is not an exercise in pre-planning.   Tomorrow, I may even go out on a long walk, with the dogs, I am feeling that much more confident.

Of course, the timing couldn’t be better, as I am off on an organised tour of Skye and the Highlands next week.   As it happens, I will have to get to the doctors on Monday to get another prescription (as I only have enough to last until halfway through the tour), but that is a small inconvenience if it means I won’t be a disruptive force on this tour, as I was on the last one.   Cutting down on this level of embarassment is a bonus, and also a reason for the lower stress levels.

All round it looks like good times ahead.

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