Oops! I did it again.

Had a tough time with the pre-procedure medications this time. I didn’t get to sleep until 7 am, as I kept having to get up. I arrived at the hospital early (around 9 am) and tried to get more sleep in my room, but, alas, the meds were still in effect.

The colonscopy went well and I didn’t have a panic attack this time with the anaestethic. I woke up in post-op pretty quickly, but in dire need of the bathroom. I got back to my room and found I was leaking so the bed ended up being soiled. I continued to use the bathroom (and experienced bleeding again). I was given some sandwiches on white bread (not good for me) and apple juice, my first meal in over 28 hours. I stayed in bed for another three hours, before it was agreed I could go home, despite the hospital’s protocol of having someone pick you up and stay with you for 24 hours.

I was duly taken downstairs and discharged. I went outside to call the taxi firm, got up from the bench and found myself in dire straits. I went back into the hospital, and headed for the ladies (a total of 50 yards), but already it was too late. Someone was in the bathroom and I had to wait. By the time I got to the toilet, I had completely soiled myself, my clothes, my shoes, then the floor, and the toilet. I cleaned myself up as much as possible and alerted a nurse and receptionist to the situation, and asked for a plastic bag for my clothes. Luckily, I had brought my pyjamas, so I put them on and that is how I made it into the taxi who had already arrived. I must have stunk.

I dearly hoped another accident was not going to occur, as the taxi driver was not exactly speedy and by the time I made it back down the drive and into my flat, I was back in the bathroom. Where the food came from, I know not, as the only food I’d had was the sandwich at the hospital.

So, now I am home. I have taken Immodium (double dose) and my guts are still in turmoil. They have been since the last dose of the pre-procedure meds at 4 pm on Sunday. I’m hoping they settle down soon. I am concerned that perhaps I should have stayed overnight after all, but my blood pressure and oxygen levels had returned to their usual levels and there was no concerns about the effect of the anaestethic; however I am very concerned about the lingering effects of the strong laxatives.

My previous experience was so pleasant compared to this one and it appears, from what my nurse said, there has been no change in my condition, which is disappointing, considering the I have not had any bleeding, which used to be a daily occurrence, in nearly a year. I just hope things improve overnight; let alone between now and the next colonoscopy. As it happens, I cannot go back to work as I am not allowed to drive again until Wednesday, which means I am grounded, unless things settle and I can catch a bus to do some shopping.

Fingers crossed, eh?

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