Travel Sick TV?

On Tuesday, that wonderful of days, I was subjected to travel sickness, something which I have not suffered since a teenager (apart from on boats). Yes, I was tired and had just undertaken the longest 10 mile journey I’ve ever endured, but it was odd to be travel sick after so long a period being unaffected.

What made this episode particularly weird is that the feeling did not subside once I returned home. Worse still: the TV aggravated the affliction. I was watching a programme called “Wild Wales“. The film showed a Hen Harrier doing its aerobatic dance to attract a female, but I was forced to look away as the movement of the bird and/or camera made me feel dizzy and nauseous. In the end, I had to turn the programme off and go to bed; I was feeling that bad and I wanted everything to stop.

Now, how weird am I? What kind of person gets travel sickness from watching a dinky tv like mine? Seriously, my set is no bigger than a portable; the vision is poor; reception is worse (freeview on an indoor aerial); and it just doesn’t reflect reality at all, not like those big screen, HD televisions. So, how an innocuous sequence of a Hen Harrier’s flight could so affect me is beyond reason; but, it did. (Feel free to laugh)

Welcome to my strange world.

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