Genetic Defect?

It seems my parents, well my genes to be exact, are the source of yet another health issue I have developed.

I have had these skin lesions appear in the last 2/3 years, and being taught from a very young age that all skin changes should be examined by a doctor, along with a family history of melanoma, I duly asked my skin specialist to conduct an all-over check, which he did today.   I am cancer free (thanks the gods), but I do have a lot of these lesions, which apparently are often assigned to a genetic defect.  They are not related to any sun exposure as a child, there is no dietary cause, no cream that can cure.   A bit of liquid nitrogen for those that itch and irritate (to prevent them getting larger), but otherwise a genetic anomaly from which there is no escape.

The bad news: you can’t pick your parents (or your ancestors), so a genetic anomaly which causes an unsightly appearance is unavoidable.  Thanks Mum!  Thanks Dad!

The good news: I have no cancerous or even pre-cancerous skin issues.  All those years of Factor 30+ (the highest you could get in Australia growing up) three times a day, wearing a hat, and coveting a fair, peaches-and-cream complexion have done me proud.

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One response to “Genetic Defect?

  1. solsticedreamer

    thats good news but a shame about the problems you do have~i have always used factor 25+, once here anything higher than a 15 was hard to get~so silly. i too am a pale face 🙂
    as far as my genes i have inherited migraines from both sides of my family and diabetes from my mums side.

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