It turns out today was the day for my appraisal.   The timing could not have been worse, as everyone wanted everything urgently.   Still, I managed make it to my manager’s office.

I always dread anything where I have to communicate with a manager, regardless of whether it’s good or bad, and the words “Can we have a chat?” strike terror in my soul.  It all stems from something in primary school, but I don’t know what.  I just remember being terrified whenever a teacher or anyone in authority, spoke to me.

Today, though, I really needn’t have worried.  The three people who appraised me offered glowing testimonies and, I have to say it: “It was the best appraisal I’ve ever had“.   I have never felt so appreciated in my workplace before.  I do cherish my current place of employment, and I hope to be here until I retire, or move, because I know there is no better place to work in this industry than at this firm.

So, overall a good day.  Here’s hoping for the same again next year

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