Moon in June

Well, it was too good to miss, so I went out to take a picture.

There were two distractions: a purring cat and a very whiney dog.

I had to stop, in between shots, to play with the dog. After I took the photographs, I realised her daughter was not with her, so decided to play a while. She got fed up, though, and wandered off. I thought I knew where, so I snuck around the courtyard wall and down past the yew tree, but she wasn’t under the horse chestnut trees, so I ventured forward to look past the laurel hedge towards the pool, only to see her (and the deflated football) lying in the middle of the moonlit enclosure. I suppose it’s cooler to sleep outside at the moment, but she looked so lonely there in the middle of lawn, under the pale moonlight. Tess is a black labrador, and her fur takes on a grey sheen under the blue glow making her appear almost a ghost, which made her loneliness in that space all the more poignant.

So, despite taking a good photograph or two, Tess’ lonely vigil under the moon saddens me a little.

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