The Anomalies of Pain

I noticed something interesting these past two days:  For as long as I endured the stoop-inducing cramps, the searing toothache that had started the day before faded into insignificance.  In fact, it was only once I had recovered from the acute UC episode that the toothache returned with a vengeance.  It would appear two, separate, sleep-preventing pain cannot co-exist.

I have noticed this before, i.e. when other cramps would normally cause me discomfort, if I happen to suffer an acute UC episode, then those usual cramps are forgotten.  Strange, though, if I have a concommitant headache with the UC, I am very much aware of it.

So, now I have recovered from the two days’ of UC symptoms and the toothache has returned.  Actually, it’s not surprising really as when my last dentist retired, he did so leaving me with the posts of a failed cap embedded in my gums.   I had to cancel an appointment (UC again), completely unaware he was retiring that week and so, for just over a year now, I have been walking around with a gap in my mouth punctuated by four carbon posts.

It has taken ages to find a replacement dentist.  Hardly surprising, given my previous dentist was happy to work whilst I remained seated upright.   I have found a dentist, who is supposedly expert with anxiou patients.   Let’s hope so!   Oh, and if anyone has a spare £2,500, may I please borrow it so I can replace the gap with an implant?  Apparently, these aren’t covered on the NHS.


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3 responses to “The Anomalies of Pain

  1. hello bwitch. Hope your teeth feeling better. Scary! Just a note – I was putting my name into the internet (ggogle) when I got your page. You have a cd that me and my hubbie made on your ipod!!!! Coincidence eh? Could you tell me where you bought it? Glad you are listening to it! Michelle GD 🙂

  2. Hello Michelle,

    I purchased it from Wicca Moon in SE London. I often recommend it to people, but it doesn’t appear to be available anywhere. Is it still availalbe for purchase?

    Kind regards,

    • Hi BWitch ! Glad you like it. We still have copies and have moved to Glastonbury now. Very witchy!! If you would like any more we could send you them. Would prefer not to exchange addresses on public forum, so if you have an email that would be great. Happy listening!!! 🙂

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