I was perusing the property-for-sale files of Ullapool this weekend.  I do this regularly, as it happens, ever since I visited the area back in 2004.  I am determined to move there, one day, and so I keep looking at what is available in terms of property and jobs, and I allow myself to day dream.  As the years have passed, nothing has caught my eye. 

There have been six bedroom houses, more suited to a large family, and the occasional terrace house, but little else.  It seems people who live in Ullapool tend not to move very often.

This week, though, my ideal property popped up on a website. 


  • views;
  • located in Ullapool;
  • spacious enough to me with a spare room;
  • modernized internally;
  • great price;
  • simply and cleanly decorated; and
  • easily maintained in terms of upkeep and bills.


  • none

So, I am determined that should I be so incredibly lucky as to win the lottery while this house is still on the market, I’ll buy it, unseen. 

Meanwhile, I will just day dream about my perfect house …

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