Help – Missing Ancestor

I am trying to trace an ancestor, John Henry Oxford, a seaman who may have been resident in South Carolina in 1865 when his son, John, was born. 

If you click on the thumbnail above, you can see John Oxford’s marriage certificate where he lists his father’s name and occupation, and his year of birth.  I know it’s a rather huge assumption on my part to believe he was in South Carolina for any length of time which might see his name recorded somewhere, especially given his occupation, but I am hoping that someone might be able to find a link.  

Anne Murphy gave birth to his son and, I presume, she too was resident in South Carolina at the time.

There is a rumour, within the family, that there is a link to a Native American tribe somewhere (sometimes believed to be Cherokee), but, apart from vague references, and some old photographs that certainly showing a few particular characteristics in common with Native Americans, I can’t be sure if this is true.  Perhaps this John Henry Oxford is the link?

I have tried to research the name in Native American rolls, but with no success and each seems to state that if a person is not living on a reservation at the time, they won’t appear on the list.  I would not have thought a seaman would reside inland, but rather travel – a lot.

So, if anyone has any information which they are happy to pass on, I would be most grateful.  I have uploaded my family tree research at both Ancestry and GenesReunited, and am contactable via both, as well as on this blog.

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