Music for May

The last few weeks, there has been a particular album which I have been anxious to get my hands on. Whilst watching Eddie Izzard, the British comedian, run continuous marathons around Britain for Sport Relief, I was particularly taken by the music used in the programme to welcome Eddie back to London. I sought out the lyrics on google to reveal the song was “Welcome Home” by Radical Face. I sought out the music through more searching and liked what I heard. Certainly, the album received marvellous reviews (couldn’t find a bad one) and figured I’d like to have the album. Easier said than done! It rarely comes up on ebay and even then at full price. Download from iTunes or Amazon is cheaper, but I prefer to have the CDs in my hands, in case iTunes (which is experiencing numerous problems with its updates) goes down.

So today, with a bit of extra dosh in my pocket thanks to some overtime, I felt like giving myself a treat, and purchasing the album. I went down to HMV, because I knew it was a rare album, only to find they don’t have it in stock. So, I bought “Sigh No More” by Mumford & Sons instead and an iced coffee across the way and trundled home to look at the HMV site, as recommended. Lo and behold, the HMV website also failed to deliver; it’s out of stock. So, back to Amazon and I purchased it. It means that I won’t be able to listen to it for at least a week.

To relieve my disappointment, I decided to go for a walk with the younger dog, who appeared bored when I left and came back. So, we threw the stick about a bit and then went for a wander down the fields. Only, Henny was sniffing out something and when she discovered it was a bone, she deserted me. As I could make out some blue a few hundred yards away, I wandered over to discover it was a clutch of bluebells. If the sun shines tomorrow, I may take some photographs and post them up. Henny, meanwhile, is outside wholly focussed on chewing her bone while her Mum barks from the kitchen, knowing she is missing out. Me, I came indoors, decided it was too wet to be outside without company for the misery of the drizzling rain.

So, I’ve come in and uploaded “Sigh No More” by Mumford & Sons, which I purchased on recommendation from friends, who raved about it. Not sure yet, myself, but feel it may need a few listens before it grabs me. I may post a review, but right now, I am without words. I did get some very discounted copies of Melody Gardot’s two albums, “Worrisome Heart” and “My One and Only Thrill“, again on recommendation from a friend, who mentioned her last summer. What a thrill! Melody Gardot is a smoky, jazzy singer in the style of Norah Jones, but better. The kind of music most associate with dark, smoky clubs but which I associate with lazy Sunday afternoons in Australia, after the working in the garden all day, sitting in the shade, with a cold drink, and the sea breeze blowing in. Ah, relaxing and dreamy and that’s just how I found Melody Gardot’s music: simply delightful. I’m on my fifth round of listening, as I have her music playing as I commute to and from London.

I did see the Fisherman’s Friend album in HMV while I was there and I was sorely tempted, but just couldn’t justify the cash today. I heard them sing during a short snippet on the news about their album deal and I do like listening to sea shanties, but that purchase will have to wait.

I guess my music tastes are a little eclectic, but I do enjoy music and I like most genres, except country and western, which was ruined for me by my father’s interpretation of it. Let’s just say he’s no Kenny Rogers. So, I have my listening lined up for May, except, perhaps, I will probably also include more Seth Lakeman.

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